Owning a Business during the Pandemic

2020 was a roller-coaster for everyone, right?

But it's not all bad.

Online marketing sky-rocketed. The presence on social media tripled in the past year. From a business perspective, that's an opportunity waiting to be exploited. 

Except many are already doing their best out there.  

So how can you improve your business during these times, where everything is uncertain?

1. Have your social media profiles on point. 

2. Be active. Don't just post. Reach out to people, create connections. 

3. Look for collaboration opportunities. Depending on your type of business, look for possible business partners who can help complete what you already offer. 

4. Engage in Facebook Groups. I wasn't a major Facebook Marketing believer before the pandemic. People seemed too busy to stop and pay attention to anything there. But this past year, the situation turned around. We have clients who solely advertise on Facebook and their revenue is incredible. 

5. Have your website up to speed. Work hard at your SEO. Have a scheduling app linked to your website. Make it easy to use and beautiful to look at. 

6. Work on your branding. Try to stay up to speed with the trends. Hire someone who's well equipped to create a brand that stands out. 


And if you do all these things, doesn't matter what industry you are in, you are going to keep afloat even the darkest of times. 


Until next time,