Why I am not interested in business 'miracle worker' courses

This blog post is a bit different than what I usually write. And a bit more aggressive. I'm being approached almost every single day by business 'miracle workers' coaches who seem to... *poof*, appear out of nowhere, selling some sort of different-name-but-same-basic-ideas course and it's getting kind of tiring to take the time to delete all those conversations. I will use this blog post as a link to send to them 😂. Oh, the backlash. I can already see it.

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When you have a marketing agency, the next big step is to offer a course. That's natural. It's a lot easier to manage, you don't have to deal with as many clients, some don't even offer 1-2-1 consulting with their offerings or group calls so it's almost no work at all after the initial effort. It's a nice way to have some passive income. It's just an automated course on Thinkific or Kajabi or some other similar platform and they just expect to relax and do nothing while money is rolling in. 

While I do understand the transition you need to make in your business, I would never offer something like that. Not at $5,000 a pop. Maybe something like $200, for the trouble I went through to create it.

Yes, I have a course. Yes, it is on the expensive spectrum. BUT, I am actually teaching valuable skills, you can't not benefit from my program because it's not some idea I'm selling, it's the tech skills that many people need right now. It's something palpable. By the end of it, you will know how to be hands-on in everything that's related to the digital presence of your company. You get 1-2-1 coaching, you get group meetings, you get thousands of templates for everything, you get my consultants or myself to help you hands-on when you are having trouble and by the end of the 3 months you'll basically have everything up and running. A month of our services + your website = the same price as the course, but after the course, you won't need us anymore.

But this is not a sales post about my coaching. 

Going back to the point I was trying to make. During this past year, I've seen so many courses pop up. So many miracle techniques. So many ideas and approaches "YOU NEED TO KNOW TODAY!!!". So many freebies that are basically just one idea stolen from another, slapped a different logo on it and BAM, there you have it. With the sole intent of building an email list. Never thinking that they might get the same people as everybody else because not many fall for it anymore. And those who fall for it are not even their target market, because their target market already knows better. The people who usually fall for it are the ones desperate enough to look for some secret to make their business work instantly (doesn't exist), hence them not buying anything after, no matter how convincing the emails seem. They just don't have the buying power. Resulting in disappointment in both sides. 

I experimented a bit and joined a few courses. At first I really thought it may be something I'm missing out. And after a while, I just wanted to prove to myself that it's all the same stuff reworded a bit differently. My conclusion? You can find the same info scattered throughout Youtube. It will take you a bit longer, but you will save thousands of dollars. If you're open to spending a few bucks, buy a Kindle or join Audible and go to town! I can recommend a few books that'll set you up with all the knowledge these courses offer and a lot more.

Actually, let me save you a few thousands dollars right now. This is what you'll learn on these miracle worker courses: 

1. Showing up online is great. Going live is better. Having videos of yourself online is ideal. Facebook and IG expose video content more than static, that's the way the algorithm works. TA-DAAAA. You now owe me $1,000.

2. Host a 5 day free masterclass. The whole purpose of it is to upsell to your high ticket service. Open cart on the 4th day of your masterclass and close it soon after the masterclass is done (make sure to announce it in a very menacing tone to be taken seriously). Then most won't "close their carts" because no one checks and they don't want to lose the opportunity of extra income. 

Do this monthly. I agree it works, but it's hardly a secret.

3. Content. Content. Content. Every company needs content to market themselves. Mind-blowing, right?

4. You need a good Brand Guideline.
You can go under my Free Guides section in the menu and find out everything you need to know for free. And here you can read more about why it's important. The rest is up to your designer. 

5. You need to have a business and marketing plan. Again, this is so surprising! But you still need to hire someone to actually help you with them. If you're choosing the same company that created the course, it's all on you, man! I can't help you there.

6. You need to find good employees and hire them on time. Indeed, this is true. But no one tells you how to find a good one, they are just telling you when's the time to look for them. Free tip from me: plan ahead with milestones set up for when to hire, to avoid my headaches. As to how to find good one, if anyone knows, get in touch! It was up to luck for me until now.

7. Canva is awesome. 

8. Content. Content. Content. Again. 

9. You need to know your buyer persona and adjust your price accordingly.

I would argue that if you've been in the biz for more than a few months (since you are able to pay for the course), you already figured out that your clients are dictating the prices. I would also say that it's more important to get 1-2-1 help on nailing the ideal buyer persona. But I don't have a miracle worker course, what do I know?

10. Everything is a numbers game.

About 2 in 10 people will respond to you. They will tell you the odds increase when you apply point 13 below. But I guarantee you that's not true, it's a waste of time for everyone involved and you are damaging your image.

11. You need to be good at sales.

Watch a few YouTube videos, practice in front of a mirror, record yourself, call a friend and practice. Dance around before having the actual phone calls, relieve the stress, get that sweaty glow, and you're all set.

12. Email marketing is still the best way to sell something.

Literally every email marketing stat will offer that information for free. It's only true when you have an engaged and broad email list and good email score (when people report you as Spam, you're not doing so good).

13. You'll learn various soft selling techniques that are all crap. About how you should try to create a connection first with the buyer on the chat and then BAM, drop links on them or try to get them on a call without them being able to tell they will be on a sales call. A friend once invited me to a "beauty session", she got this invite from a random person on the street and we both fell for it. It turns out it was those Herbalife cult people and we couldn't walk out fast enough. Did the pretence work? No.

That's pretty much the gist of it and I can tell you right now it's not doing anything for you. It's actually working against you because you are coming off as sneaky, manipulative... and quite frankly, kind of desperate. If you want to come off as a leader in the industry, you shouldn't be considered desperate. Desperate != knowledgeable. If someone is interested in what you have to offer, you have bigger chances of them actually clicking on your link if you are straightforward about what you want. People already know you are trying to sell something to them right from the very moment you're approaching them. This is why many don't bother to respond once they take a look at your profile. Finding their weakness and exploiting that is just manipulative crap and businesses who rely on that never last.

TL;DR: People can't be manipulated into buying something they don't already want to buy, so quit being sneaky about it. That's free advice from me, not the courses. 

14. They will tell you how great Facebook Groups are. Can't contradict them here. They are an awesome way to sell something, especially services. But again, go watch a few YT videos about that, join a few groups and see what others are doing and you're all caught up. You hardly need a course to learn how to engage.


There, I just saved you a gazillion dollars. You are welcome!

Now, instead of taking these courses, I strongly urge you to find a mentor in your industry. There are so many accomplished people out there who are open to sharing their success and failures. Find one! That will help you a lot more than these general, miracle workers courses and they will provide the advice you actually need. Educate yourself continuously by talking to more accomplished people in your industry, read as many books as you can and you won't need anything else!


And for the people who keep trying to sell me something I am already an expert at... 

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Until next time,