How Social Babe Began

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Carmen started as a Software Programmer straight out of University. From the age of 6, she took that path. However, it took her 2 years of working in the industry to realise that she didn't want to continue down that path.

She left that behind, got experience as a Business Developer at a Real Estate Agency and after gaining enough experience and knowledge, and seeing how her work brought in results, she started her own company helping small businesses. 

She encountered a few ups and downs from the very beginning, having to learn how to choose the right team and learning to escalate her business and at the same time still provide the same quality of services. 

She is always taking new courses, new approaches to her business, adding new services to suit her clients, always reassessing what works and what doesn't. 

The idea of Social Babe started after she saw how many business women can't afford to pay for these kind of services at the very beginning and she wanted to help them in some way. 

Our Story

Our brand started with SociAlley. That's not Socially spelt wrong, it comes from Social Alley (like Diagonalley in Harry Potter). 

After gaining some experience managing various kind of businesses and learning what works and what doesn't, we wanted to create a community where we can support other women to do the things that worked for us. That's where Social Babe started. And we hope to continue our growth through our community!

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Our mission

We want to help business women who struggle financially to make the most out of their time whilst creating a BRAND, brand awareness, start selling and educate them on some healthy practices whilst also teaching them how the digital medium works. 

A CEO should be able to replace any role within the company at any given moment, so we want to give YOU the best information out there. 

We put in the effort so you don't have to!