Start Date: April 15th.

Ready for the biggest growth you HAVE ever seen?

We want to empower YOU with all the tech and sales knowledge you need to take charge of your business! 

Save $100,000 per year by simply doing it yourself and doing it well!

  • 14 Week Course
  • Periodic Check Ins. You are encouraged to provide feedback and ask any further questions.
  • 1:1 sessions with you. We'll work hands on with you to help you solve any problems that may come up.
  • You'll gain all the knowledge needed to create your own Brand Guideline, Shopify Site and Social Media Strategy.
  • You'll learn how to work smart, avoid burnout and get the best revenue while doing so!
  • You will receive FULL ACCESS to all our social media and email templates, all of our presets, fonts, textures and elements, all worth over $5,000!
  • At the end of the course, you will have a clear vision of what you need to do, and the skills to do it!

What can I expect from this course?

We will provide all you need to know to create a brand everybody will love, market your business and sell online. Whether you are a small business owner or a freelancer looking to expend your knowledge to provide further assistance to your clients, this is the place for you!

At the end of this course you will have: 

  • A Brand Guideline you and your audience will absolutely love. 
  • A bulletproof business plan. You will be able to set realistic expectations and plan out how you want your business to evolve in the next 3 years. All you need now is follow-through. 
  • Knowledge on how to create a Shopify Website from scratch WITHOUT NEEDING TO PAY ANYONE. This alone will save you thousands of dollars down the line - you're not only bypassing the initial investment, but you'll also be able to maintain the website. 
  • Knowledge on how to create a Social Media Strategy. Whether you choose to hire help or not, this helps immensely in being hands on with your Brand, monitoring what works and what doesn't and ultimately, this is a decisive factor in whether you're selling or not. 
  • You will learn basic usage of Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia and Adobe Illustrator. They will prove to be great help. Why? Because most people use Canva. You will have the advantage of having unique assets by being able to modify them to your liking. 
  • We'll work with you, in 1 x 1 hour and 1 x 2 hour sessions. Whether you need someone to brainstorm with or need actual help finishing some of the tasks, we'll be there to help you. 
  • You'll become part of a community that has the same pain problems such as yourself! You'll have the chance to find friends, business partners or collaborators who not only understand you, but they know what you are going through! You can watch each other grow and bounce ideas off each other. 
  • Last but not least, you'll have something no one else offers. ALL OF OUR TEMPLATES WORTH $5,000 ALONE!



The revenue you can get from this is unlimited. NO ONE ELSE WILL SHARE ALL OF THIS WITH YOU IN ONE GO. Once you have this knowledge, you can't undo it! You will be prepared to launch multiple businesses, you will even have a back-up job as a digital marketer or have the chance to become a coach yourself and your mindset will be forever changed. 

You could save hundreds of thousands of dollars just by taking this course! We're helping YOU do it YOURSELF! Once you know how to do it, you can repeat it endlessly.

You will feel more empowered and you will be able to start right away! The whole 3 month course costs less than the monthly retainer for a marketing agency to do the full job.

Who is this course for?

We are targeting specific needs. 


  • You are a small business owner who wants to feel empowered and grow their own company. You may need to do it yourself and this is why you are here!
  • You are a small business owner who does have employees, but you are not hands on in the process because you simply don't know what to look at! You are too busy chasing leads and trying to make a sale, but you'd still like to have more hands on knowledge so you know who to choose and how to tell when there are mistakes being done.
  • You are a business owner and you feel like your marketing team needs further education in the matter. You are planning to scale but you feel like your team couldn't handle it without burning themselves and you out. They work so much already! Empower them and yourself with the knowledge and a healthy approach instead of hiring someone new! They will thank you for having the possibility of growing and you will save hundreds of thousands of dollars down the line. 
  • You are contemplating opening a business but have no budget allocated for marketing and have no idea where to start!

Visualise Your Future

Let's have a look at how your future will look like after finishing our course. 

  • You aren't surprised/shocked after getting an email about a sale being done anymore. This is the new norm. Your results are insanely good.
  • You are able to tell exactly why it works. You're completely hands on in the process. You know how to handle everything, you have a routine and you're  not anxious anymore. 
  • You have all the systems in place, you are happy and proud of what you have created, you have every lead generator and every post scheduled and set up. You are continuously improving and you couldn't be happier about where you are now. 
  • You've actually sold out your products a few times! 
  • You are well rested, you now know your full night's sleep is paramount. 
  • Your business is completely transformed. You got so many new, amazing ideas to complete your business.
  • You are so happy you took this course and are recommending it to everyone who wants to hear about it.


What is keeping you back?

And this is the course to help you find them! 

Ready for the biggest return EVER on your investment?


PAYMENT PLAN $3,000 x 3

How does the curriculum look like?

This accelerator programme is a 14 week INTENSE course. Don't expect this to be easy, don't expect this to be just someone talking to you. You will have to put in the work to actually learn, but the good news is you'll have us by your side every step of the process. 

Assimilating the amount of information we are going to offer you in just 3 months is not easy. But it's not impossible. You have to be committed and willing to put in the work and amazing results will show!


The very first day of the course, we'll host a live Zoom session with everyone. We'll discuss a bit, to be able to get a feel of each person's capabilities as we start out. Everyone will get a chance to know each other, speak more about their business or their expectations. 

After this, we'll dive right in into the editing skills required. You will receive access to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Shopify tutorials. You might ask yourself why start with this, but if you don't have these skills, it will be much harder to do the actual work. 

Since these skills are better appropriated when you have an actual task at hand, the whole team will get a challenge (e.g: design the best social media post set, design the best landing page you can). 

At the end of the 3 weeks, we will jump in live to review all of your work! 

P.S: This is usually the hardest part of the course!

Week 4 & 5 - LOGO, Fonts & BRAND GUIDELINE

During this period, you'll receive access to our Logo, Fonts and Branding lessons.

You will learn what the importance of your logo is, how your logo will affect the whole of your brand.

You will learn how to choose your fonts based on what you want to express. You will receive hundreds of fonts from us to choose from and you'll get the chance to play around with them. 

You will learn how a Brand Guideline looks, what it is, you will receive Brand Guideline templates, color scheme examples and we will help you to do your own Brand Guideline from scratch. You will learn about color theory and how it all comes into place. This step is paramount for what follows. You need to allocate more than an hour's thought on this one. Once your Brand Guideline is established, what follows will fall into place more easily. 

At the end of these 2 weeks, we'll have a live with everyone and everyone will get the chance to show it in from of their peers. During this meeting, we will be able to answer all your questions and we could have a brainstorm and help each other!

Week 6 & 7 - website work

Now that you have a brand new Brand Guideline, it's time to adapt your site according to the Logo, Fonts and Brand Guideline you created. 

The reason we allocate 2 weeks for this is that no one is happy with their first result. During this 2 week period, you will have to research how your competitors present themselves online, take notes of how they are organising their info, what sort of info they offer etc. You will have to choose what exactly you like from what they are doing and try to implement this into your own site whilst keeping the Brand Guideline we established earlier. See how the Brand Guideline comes in handy? It helps you make your site your own original work. 

During Week 6, we will host the first 1 hour 1-2-1 sessions with all of you before our reviews. We will help you with any technical difficulties you might have, guide you and answer all the questions you might have. 

At the end of the 2 weeks, we will host a Zoom meeting for everyone to show off their accomplishments!


You have your logo, your branding and your website on point. 

Now we are going to teach you how to increase your sales. Maybe you are trying to sell wholesale to bigger brands or maybe you want to come up with new products or find new clients but what you've done so far hasn't had any success. Maybe you are trying to sell out a product that's running out of shelf life. 

You will receive materials approaching exactly these problems. During this 2 week period, we'll help you come up with a detailed strategy on what to do next. You'll establish exact goals for the next 2 years and you'll commit yourself right away to do everything you need to accomplish those. 

At the end of the 2 weeks, we'll all meet again to share what you've come up with. We can use this meeting to help each other with adaptations or maybe who knows, you'll get new ideas from your own peers! 


You have your plan in place, and a lot of it will depend on your digital marketing. With Social Media & Email Marketing being the most effective ways, we'll teach you everything you need to know. This is where your Brand Guideline will come in handy again.

The most important lesson: YOU'LL FINALLY BYPASS THE INNERTIA COMING FROM POST ANXIETY. You'll finally feel confident in posting because your content will be THAT good!

We'll build your strategy together with you, you'll get full access to all of our templates (worth $5000!) and we'll assist you in creating the first 10 templates you can use. We'll help you establish a posting frequency based on your current materials, establish what you'll need to improve (product photography, graphic design etc), we'll give you content ideas, we'll help you come up with planned campaigns for at lest 6-8 months. You'll learn to schedule in advance without feeling pressured and will implement healthy habbits.

You'll learn how to approach new people, how to find new leads, how to find valuable followers and how to sell to them. You'll know what platforms are more likely to produce ROI for your own brand. 

You'll be able to start doing this right away, since your website and branding are on point.

At the end of the 2 weeks, we'll have our Live review. 

Week 12 - email MARKETING

During this week, you'll receive our Email Marketing lessons + our customizable templates. You'll learn how to develop your email list further. You'll learn what the best tools are and how to avoid going to the dreaded Spam folder. You'll be able to schedule your emails in advance and you'll decide how often you want to send them out. The Brand Guideline and your new Business plan will help you with these. All your scheduled campaigns have to have emails announcing them, in your own style! 

At the end of the week, we'll have our Live review. 


OK, so now you know everything you need to do. But you already have so much to do, how can you avoid burnout? 

This week we'll teach you exactly how to organise your work so it doesn't take that much at all! We'll give you all the tips and tricks we've learned along the years as well as how to make the tasks work for your schedule. 

Week 14 - 1-2-1 final meetings AND MINDSET SETTING

This week will be dedicated to each and every one of you. We'll schedule a 2 hour 1-2-1 meetings with all the students. During those 2 hours, we will discuss all your work throughout. We'll solve any technical problems you might've had, we'll answer your questions and we'll brainstorm the parts where you might not be sure of what you decided on. 

We will have a collective meeting and work on our mindsets. Try to work through anything that may be stopping you from being your best self. Prepare yourself for this! It will last hours!

Ready for the biggest return EVER on your investment?


PAYMENT PLAN $3,000 x 3


All your questions answered. 

The Business Growth Accelerator was created because we couldn't find anything like this out there! You can find individual courses, but none of them will allow you to use the info to full capacity without knowing the rest. 

If you want to take charge of your business, you NEED this course in your life!


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